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#A1 Love [unavailable] #A2 Our Life Together (Tri-Fold) #A3 Love's Journey (Tri-Fold)
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  "And that's why there's nothing that I'd rather do Than spend my forever together with you.
Happy Anniversary
All My Love, Always"
"But looking back, I realize that every decision led me to just the right turn, and that every road, taken or not, brought me one step closer to you and the love we share...
Today, I know for sure that when our paths came together and we found one another, it was really only the beginning of the most beautiful journey of all - the journey of two hearts that beat as one.
Happy Anniversary with All My Love"
#A4 Champagne Toast #A5 With All My Heart
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#A6 Our Love Story (3 Pages)
[not available]
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"Hope your anniversary
bubbles over with happiness!"
"What I feel for you is deep, total, and enduring - a love you can count on without ever having to wonder.
So when you look ahead to the future or look back at how things used to be, don't forget to look beside you, because that's where you'll find me, loving you with all my heart.
Happy Anniversary"
"Once upon a time, in the real-life world, love found a home in the hearts of two believers -
you and me.

Everything we share, every tender moment between us, reminds me how beautiful our love story is...

...and how lucky I am to have found the love of my life in you.
Happy Anniversary"
#A7 Nothing More Wonderful #A8 Memories To Treasure #A9 Meant To Be
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"...especially when it's shared by two wonderful people like you.
Happy Anniversary"
"May this anniversary be as unforgettable as the day you were married, as happy as the memories you share, and as special as the love you feel for each other." "Sometimes, you look at two people who make each other so happy,
and you know without a doubt that some things were simply meant to be.
Happy Anniversary to a couple who were made for each other!"
#A10 Love And Happiness #A11 Anniversary Tulips #A12 Snoopy Love
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"Just like the two of you!
Happy Anniversary"
"Wishing you a wonderful day
and many more years of happiness."
"You're the best thing
that's ever happened to me!
Happy Anniversary"
#A13 For Our Anniversary    
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"The best days are special ones like this, filled with happy memories that have come to mean so much.
The best times are all the times we spend together, because you're the one who makes every day special for me.
Happy Anniversary"

 #1 Dots  #2 Star  #3 Waves
 #4 Birthday Party  #5 Happy Birthday Flowers  #6 Silver Stripes
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 #7 Multi Mini Dots  #8 Happy Bday  
 #B1 Bursting Balloons  #B2 Birthday Hat  #B3 Happy Birthday
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"Hope your birthday is bursting
with happiness and wishes come true."
"Hope it's the ultimate in fun."
"Hope it's awesome!"
 #B4 It's Your Birthday
[not available]
 #B5 On Your Birthday  #B6 God's Love
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"... and make the celebration last
as long as you can!
Happy Birthday"
"Wishing you a perfect day and each day all year through, hoping it's filled with happiness and may all your dreams come true.
Have A Happy Birthday!"
"May your birthday be a beautiful reminder of God's love."
 #B7 Bright and Happy  #B8 World of Happiness
[not available]
 #B9 Cake Girl
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"Hope that your day will be special and the year ahead will be bright and happy.
Happy Birthday"
"Just want to say you're thought of in a warm and special way And wished a world of happiness, today and every day." "Happy Wishes-Come-True Birthday"
 #B10 Great Golfer  #B11 Birthday Greeting  #B12 Birthday Wishes
[not available]
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"Hoping your birthday is a time of special happiness for you followed by the kind of year that brings good times, good luck, and good cheer!" "Take a moment on your birthday to think of all you've done, A moment to anticipate achievements yet to come...
Take a moment to on your birthday to make a wish or two, And may you find the coming year makes every one come true!
Happy Birthday!"
"Because today is so special, I'm sending birthday wishes to you, With warm thoughts and happy moments, May all your dreams come true.
Happy Birthday."
#B13 Happy Day! #B14 Make A Wish
[not available]
#B15 Happy Gardener
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"Wishing you a very happy birthday." "Hope it comes true.
Happy Birthday"
"It's nice get a chance to say
Hope your birthday is happy
and special in every single way.
Happy Birthday"
#B16 Cupcakes
[not available]
#B17 Blooming With Blessings #B18 Birthday Wish
[not available]
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"Hope your birthday proves to be a joy-filled day, whatever you choose to do may all of your wishes come your way.
Have A Wonderful Birthday!"
"...is blooming with blessings!" "Hope your birthday is made up of everthing beautiful... everything happy...
everything special.
Happy Birthday"
#B19 Party Owl #B20 Sweet And Special
[not available]
#B21 Very Special
[not available]
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"I do, because it celebrate you." "Hoping that your birthday brings lots of sweet and special things!" "If there's something very special you'd like your day to bring, something you've been wishing for more than anything, here's hoping on your birthday all your wishes will come true, for nothing but the very best is good enough for you !
Have a Great Day!"
#B22 Thinking Of You #B23 Special Day #B24 Sailboat
[not available]
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"May the hours be filled with sunshine, may the day be filled with love and all the special happiness your heart is dreaming of." "...including the happiest of birthdays." "This will be a year that over flows with happiness for you, Hoping that all your birthday wishes come true.
#B25 Your Day #B26 Lighthouse #B27 Birthday Wish For You
[not available]
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"Happy birthday to a wonderful man who deserves a great day.
These special wishes come from a place that words can never say.
Enjoy Your Day!"
"Here's a wish for happiness To last the whole year through, And it's a wish that means a lot Because it's just for you." "Have a wonderful today
and a year of bright tomorrows."
#B28 Cupcake #B29 Happy Birthday #B30 Birthday Presents
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"Wishing you a birthday filled with delicious moments." "...to someone who's just naturally sweet." "Hoping you'll enjoy today and all the special times that away you in the year ahead."
#B31 Candles #B32 Happy Year #B33 Lived Well
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"Happy Wishes-Come-True Birthday!" "...and a year that's as happy as can be." "...especially on your birthday."

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